New Year in Park Hotel Pirin


What we know

Sandanski has been recognized as the best natural healing centre for bronchial asthma in Europe. The main reason behind it is the unique climate of Sandanski. It is moderate continental with well expressed Mediterranean influence and is known as “Bulgaria’s climatic South”. Due to the proximity of Pirin mountain and Aegean sea, the beneficial influence of Sandanska Bistritsa river and the lack of manufacturing pollution, the air in Sandanski is crystal clean, rich in oxygen and negative ions.  Apart from asthma, the climate in Sandanski is also suitable for treatment of people with chronic non-specific lung diseases and breathing disruptions during sleeping, including states after bronchopneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis and bronchoectatic disease, emphysema of the lungs, pulmonary hypertonia, states after pulmonary resections, as well as chronic colds, pharyngitis, sinusitis, vasomotoric rhinitis as well as allergies.

Studies have shown that climatic treatment in Sandanski leads to complete resolution of clinical indicators such as shortness of breath, cough and expectoration in 80% of patients, reducing the need for medications such as bronchospasmolitic agents and cortisone and improving the static and dynamic lung volumes and flows. Climatic treatment twice a year is recommended for a complete healing effect.

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